No More Crawling: Essentials to Bolster the Speed of Your Smartphone

With an uninhibited rise in the count of android phone users, the android labs are working overnight to meet the ever-growing demands. Considering the sheer dynamism they have added to the practice of mobile usage, the Android popularity is only headed north.
However, as the users get more and more technology-conscious, the speed at which the Android phones operate has to be taken several notches higher. That in no way implies that the current lot crawl, but one keeps listening to the grievances by Android users who whine about how they keep facing issues like application crashes, hung phones, non-responsive games, etc. Apparently, every new-fangled technology comes with its set of bottlenecks that lead to its products getting stalled. But as with all the good things, Android has to be given some time. Developers and designers are going through a daily grind to bring to the effect best user-experience. But as they keep on piling features (which are apparently loved by the audience), speed issues keep stemming up. That said, there are a number of things you can do as an Android phone user to make your phone work faster, smoother. And the measures hardly need a lot of setup:
Install Third Party Applications

System Optimizers

Your reluctance to install third party software that play around with the more intrinsic components of your phone like its speed is understandable. But there is a large Android community that serves as an authority and conveys what you can install and what you shouldn’t. looking for system optimizers on the Internet, you are greeted with an inundation of choices and most of these choices come with ratings and reviews. You can check how many people have voted for the top rated apps and download them.

Advanced Task Manager

As with a task manager on a windows desktop, the Advanced Task Manager for Android lets you stop processes that are eating up the phone memory and rendering the device slow. This tool is user friendly and provides a lucid view of the processes. It also goes a long way in extending your phone’s battery beyond the usual shelf life.
Do Some House Cleaning on Your Own
The array of choices with speed boosting app will deliver the desirable results, but you can led yourself a helping hand when it comes to making your device run with verve and precision.

Clear up the RAM

Going back to the basics, RAM is wherefrom everything emanates and executes. Whether you are SMSing a friend or playing a game, the RAM is sweating it out to give you a fine experience. Thus, it owes you some effort. All you got to do is frequently clean your phone’s RAM as it would considerably boost the performance.

Cut the Clutter

Stride across some unexplored places in your Smart Phone, you are bound to stumble upon several applications that sit there quietly in one corner, not even trying to command your attention. Apparently, they were never of any use to them and have occupied valuable storage space. Apart from them, you are also tempted to use those fancy widgets on your phone that are hardly of any value. Get rid of this clutter and see the performance of your phone go up by a reasonable margin.
You will find a lot of literature on tips to boost the speed of Smartphones. While a lot of it is fluff, measures like the above ones will help you phone make a boast for itself.

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