New Nook Color- Expose Review

Barnes and Noble just released it’s new Nook Color, so that means it is time for a detailed Nook Color review. Is an excellent product or just an odd hybrid between a tablet computer and an portable ebook reader? Let’s take a detailed go through the awesome and pay attention to how it’s information on.
The “NC” has some unique features that vary from the original Nook, and that is still available as being a product from B and N.

The Nook Color Touch Screen- Obviously this is THE major difference between the initial and color Nooks. It’s furnished with a 7 inch color touchscreen with “Vivid View” technology.

This screen is surely an IPS screen that shows over 16 million colors and allows for up to 178 examples of viewing. This is the same technology suited for the iPad, when you have experienced the iPad screen, you already know how the Vivid View screen looks. What’s more, it switches from upright mode to landscape when turning these devices 90 degrees.
Social Reading Features- The NC comes with some features that make use of social media marketing. You’ll be able to share thoughts, lines from your book, favorite books, etc, through Facebook and Twitter.

Games and Apps- The NC is included with Sudoku, Chess, and Crossword puzzle games (3 games). Beyond the “Lend Me” and “Nook app” for PC and other phones, etc, Apps continue to be not a thing with the present with the Nook. Consider it uses Android mobile phone technology, there might be newer and more effective interest for developers.
Pandora Radio has jumped on the Nook bandwagon and provides their service about the device too.
Lend Me App- The “Lend-me” app allows owners to lend books to friends and family who also provide the app. Access to the app is more readily accessible towards the user together with the color touchscreen.

Memory- The memory capacity is 8GB which allows for a large number of books, pictures, songs, etc.
Just For Kids- This new Nook section in Barnes and Noble offers a type of books which are for children that actually work together with the Nook Color. These are interactive to the touch and also have the capacity to be read for the child by selecting the feature.

Battery Life- Battery our life is only at 8 hours, in comparison to the 10-14 day battery on the original Nook with E-Ink display. Surfing the Web- Additionally, it allows for web surfing (avoid 3G, but wirelessly). To help you open the browser to travel to sites and look at emails, and also compose them.
All in most, the modern Nook Color reviews well. It’s really a bold step for Barnes and Noble, plus a all-important bold step at that.

The Nook Color Looking positive With this Holiday Season

Barnes and Noble has released a good product using the Nook Color, and perfectly timed with the Christmas season. It’s fun, it’s at the less expensive price point when compared to iPad, and is perfect for people that like magazines, browsing the web, and reading other color publications away from home.